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Here, religion not only unites people but also divides. In modern societies, beliefs and doctrines have more importance than ritual. Here, the sociological study of religion differs from that of anthropology.

Sociology of Religion Essay

It is more influenced by the ethical doctrines of the world religions. This approach can be witnessed in the works of L.

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Hobhouse and Max Weber. Firstly, it is not based on an evolutionary scheme.

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Secondly, it is mainly concerned with one major aspect of religious ethics. That is, he wanted to examine the influence of particular religious doctrines upon economic behaviour; and the relations between the position of groups in the economic order and types of religious beliefs.

Beliefs in Society: AQA A Level Sociology Topic… | Sociology | tutor2u

He is less concerned with ethical doctrines as such. Comparatively, nothing more has been added to the theoretical development of a Sociology of Religion since the work of Weber and Durkheim. For example in the United States religion is used as a weapon by social conservatives. They use religion to push their social agenda such as the issue of abortion, same sex marriage, and stem cell research. Religion has also been the source of conflicts between different types of religion such as Christian and Muslims.

Human Rights and Religion: A Sociological Perspective

While in other countries the dysfunction of religion has made citizens turn on their fellow citizens. For example, in Iraqi the Sunnis and the Shiites have fought civil wars because of religion. In Europe the protestants and catholic have battled for years over different ideology. The dysfunction of religion proves many theories with the conflict theory itself. Conflict theorist would say that religion provides tension between different groups, and societies.

Conflict theorists believe that religion itself is used as a means to keep the lower classes working with little or no regard for their status. The theory provides that religion gives the masses hope when there is none, and therefore keeps them content with their current condition, essentially religion is used as tool for the rich, or dominate classes to subdue the masses. An example of this can be found through the interpretation of a verse in the Bible, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

While this single verse was intended to portray the difficulty of a wealthy person giving up his fortune in order to follow Christ, it also provides a settling truth to the poor; by saying it is easy for the poor or afflicted to enter heaven because they have less to give up.

Additionally, conflict theorist find more evidence to support their ideas within the dominate structure of a society. For example, kings and queens once ruled and were believed to be chosen or directed by God, while other rulers were simply considered gods themselves. This plays directing into the ideology behind the conflict theory, by demonstrating how a ruler can impose his or her rule over a vast amount of people, solely based in the idea that the ruler is somehow empowered by a higher being.

Thus underlying classes within the society would follow or work blindly to support the ruler s , again with little regard to their personal status, or condition. Therefore religion itself can stifle social change, and movement, by controlling the people and impeding change through an organized and overwhelming regime of rituals and beliefs.

The last sociological theory that must be discussed is the Interactionist perspective, this theory or perspective notes the generalizations about every day forms of social interaction; in order to explain society as a whole. It primarily focuses on the micro-sociology of a society.

Sociological Approach Essay

In a sense, interactionist look to the little things of society, for example, how people within the society interact with each other in regards to specific institutions such as religion. Religious symbols, for example, have a meaning to large bodies of people e. This is where the functionalist and interactionist theory find common ground; both perspectives see religion as a positive force, which provide a stabilizing factor within a society. Regardless it is clear through the research of both perspectives that religion brings people within society, together; therefore adding a harmonizing and supportive structure with the society and or culture.

While the three sociological perspectives have differing views on the institution of religion, they also all see religion as a force within society that can motivate and facilitate social change and movement within a society. Both religious leaders and laity were active in the civil rights movement.

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Congregations provided material resources necessary for large-scale political action, acted as conduits for frame dissemination and provided an ideal setting for the micro mobilization process to occur. Loveland, M. The issue of abortion has strong ties to the institution of religion within the United States. Almost every religious faction found in the U.

He analyzed how Protestantism gave rise to the Protestant ethic, which stimulated what he called the spirit of capitalism. Henslin J. In closing one can clearly see the differences in the three sociological perspectives in regards to religion. The institution of religion has a profound affect on the society, in which it dwells, adding both positive and possibly negative attributes that add to the stability of that society.