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Template 2: Motivational Letter for an Internship at a media company

Over the past eight years, I have been employed at the Yale School of Public Health during which I received a promotion increasing my responsibilities to include strategic planning, program management and team leadership. I began working with the Public Health program shortly after its launch and have been an integral part its development and evolution.

As a result of the program expansion, I have been tasked with examining many of our processes to discern what we are doing and how we can do it better. As the first point of contact for programming, I develop and cultivate relationships with students, faculty, alumni and staff. The end goal: to deliver a premier program and an incredible student experience. Throughout my career, I have gained extensive program development and management experience in very diverse settings. My years of professional work in this arena has created opportunities to deliver and provide experiences in a collaborative culture.

The most important lesson learned: the success of a program is not the sole responsibility of one individual, but in fact, depends on leadership that reflects a collaborative style and a team that is mission driven. It would be a tremendous privilege to bring my training and program development skills to your position. Thank you for considering my application.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or brooke. Please accept my application for the Advocacy Director position in the Columbus, Ohio office advertised on your website.

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship

I will graduate from the H. My experiences and education, combined with my career aspirations, position me to help achieve the mission and goals of the American Heart Association. Through my experiences, I have gained a comprehensive working knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, universal health coverage, electronic medical records, smoking cessation programs, and many other health issues and the political debates surrounding them.

My qualifications are built on a solid foundation of classroom skills and real-world experiences.

Cover Letter for Internship < Career Management Center

The skills I have acquired leave me poised for a career in advocacy. I feel confident that with this background I will be able to face any challenges as Advocacy Director with the strength and resolve to accomplish the goals of the American Heart Association. A network of non-profit organizations, lead by Consumer Health Coalition, devoted themselves to an extensive lobbying effort. The team at Consumer Health Coalition and I recruited Medicaid beneficiaries as consumer advocates and extensively researched alternatives to budget cuts.

We also facilitated local press conferences with consumer advocates who spoke of the devastating effects that reduced health services would have on their lives. I attended the legislative meetings with the Medicaid beneficiaries in Harrisburg, PA; and after they presented their stories, I discussed funding alternatives for Medicaid with the legislators.

25+ Great Cover Letter Examples

Our proposed alternative funding included increasing taxes on tobacco products, which is a portion of the advocacy work that the American Heart Association pursues. I thoroughly reviewed the Campaign for Smoke Free Kids literature during my research.

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I am available to meet with you in Columbus at anytime. I can be reached at , or via email at ldorn cmu. Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I received an M. Throughout my years of study at prominent educational institutions in the U. I have been consistently engaged in conducting long-term and short-term research projects, most of which involved meticulous investigation and qualitative research - the experience that I believe would transfer well to the position of paralegal.

My salient past research experience includes a year spent in Tokyo, where I conducted extensive research and a series of interviews in English and Japanese to examine the issues regarding gender roles and equality in Japan. Based on the interviews and research findings, I successfully produced a paper that was selected for presentation at a renowned academic conference at Smith College.

political science internship cover letter

In addition to my strong academic background, I have experience working for various not-for-profit organizations where I have acquired skills in planning events, developing and managing organizational programs, communicating with a diverse group of people, and administering logistics. More recently at the Asian University for Women Support Foundation, I assisted in coordinating large-scale fundraising events and writing grant proposals to help young women from South and Southeast Asia receive quality education at the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh.

With these qualifications, I am convinced I have the capability to provide the best assistance to your attorneys in their practice of litigation. Thank you for considering my application and please let me know if you would like further information regarding my candidacy. Please feel free to contact me at or via email at yasy post. Jonson Inc. I am writing to apply for your summer intern position posted on JonsonInc.

I have experience in fashion journalism through my work with the online magazine One Line to You and have a background in event planning through my work as a Marketing Intern this past summer. Currently, I am a junior at Stanford University studying Communication and International Relations and I plan to pursue a career in fashion upon graduation. Jonson would be a great springboard in achieving that goal. My passion for fashion and art comes from my grandmother who was a fabric designer in New York during the s and 50s.

From her, I learned a great deal about color and design. In addition, I analyze and examine the work of designers and follow fashion critics like Suzy Menkes. After beginning to write for the online magazine, One Line to You, I had the opportunity to parlay my depth of knowledge into written pieces about various aspects of the fashion world. My expression through this medium also allowed me to further my education of the industry.

I believe the marketing internship at the San Francisco Symphony best prepared me for the responsibilities of an intern at Jonson. In this position I was trusted with a great deal of responsibility. I wrote newsletters, researched artists to compile performance programs, helped with event planning, ran errands, composed press releases and edited and proof read written material. Through these tasks I learned the importance of being thorough while working in a fast paced environment.

My attention to detail and organization allowed me to thrive in this context and they will do the same at Jonson. It must be a very exciting time for the Jonson label. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and am available for an interview at your convenience. Please contact me with any questions you may have. I was immediately drawn to True Action for its use of consumer behavior data insights and digital creative power to generate strategic results.

My interest in the position comes from a combination of my academic intellectual curiosity and extra-curricular experiences in marketing and creative problem solving. As an applied cognitive science concentrator at Brown, I have studied the psychology of marketing and have practice using data to answer big questions. My research has included using information processing theories to understand the role of humor in advertising, understanding the science behind good design and layout, and studying the linguistics of brand names, including what aspects of a brand name elicit consumer purchasing preferences.

Both my academic knowledge and my skill set of applying research will be relevant across the Strategy, Marketing Services, and Project Management rotations of the Associate program. Outside of the classroom, I have experience in corporate marketing as the Brand and Naming Intern at Hasbro.

How to Write the Best Cover Letter

I was responsible for creating toy names across 29 global brands. Through naming products, I learned the importance of extracting and highlighting the essence of a product and a brand and how each part of a product must fit into a larger marketing strategy. For example, toys that are meant to be collectible need names that communicate that they are a part of a set. With a five person executive board, I led forty- two student leaders and initiated a leadership development program to increase collaborative planning.

My understanding of brand essences and the importance of working in partnerships will be directly applicable to the work I do and learn to do at True Action. I can best be reached at — or MaryGo brown.

Dear Mr. Please accept this letter as an application for the position of associate consultant with Management Consulting, Inc. Based on my research of your firm and my qualifications, I am confident you will agree that I am a good match for your organization. My interest in a business career is long standing and is coupled with strong research, analytical, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. I also have taken part in various business classes at Harvard.

In one project, while working in teams of four, we analyzed a case and presented recommendations to consultants. I received positive feedback on my analytical abilities and teamwork skills, and I am confident I can make a significant contribution to your firm and its clients. I look forward to speaking to you about the possibility of my joining your team at Management Consulting, Inc.

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I am most interested in working in your offices in Boston or Los Angeles as, through my research, I have discovered that many of the firms these offices serve fit best with my area of expertise. Boston, MA As a Pre-Med graduate, I am speci cally passionate about working at the Pathology Lab for its ability to translate discoveries from the lab bench to the bedside. More speci cally, the unique research team I joined at UMass Medical School to complete my MQP and the long-term nature of my lab work there solidi ed my intuitive and practical understanding of molecular biology tech- niques such as PCR, gel electrophoresis, and genetic engineering.

My undergraduate experimental coursework has allowed me to apply and conceptualize a wider range of techniques Western Blotting, DNA sequencing, and RT-PCR where I often worked with a team to investigate the relevance of our data to the greater research community and develop novel strategies to enhance future delivery of targeted results. Similarly, I am determined to become an innovative OBGYN invested in improving the lives of women and hence I am driven to apply my lab strengths and skills in the research of the Pathology Lab.

I am con dent that my education, project and lab experiences will allow me to be an added asset to the Pathology team.