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  2. The development of the building envelope using Welsh-grown timber: a study through prototyping
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Evaluate your knowledge and interest in the particular problem dealing with construction.

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Get acquainted with the literature on the subject to get ensured that the probable topic is original and you will not be accused of plagiarism. Mind that you will need to carry out some research work to collect data for analysis and investigation of the problem.


Think about people who could help you with tests and experiments in case they are needed. Choose the topic that will be interesting for the reader and have practical value. Here are some ideas for original dissertation topics: Comparative analysis of new decorative materials from the point of view of their durability and efficiency.

Efficiency of waste heat recovery in the cement production industry. Review of the best practices in energy efficiency in construction industry.

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Applying 3-D printing technology in production of complex building forms. New smart materials and technologies in road building. Application of property proving techniques allows for the formal verification of desirable properties.

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  4. A methodology is proposed for the incremental construction of the common elements of an ISA, and its features are discussed. The methodology is initially used to construct a generic description, which is then demonstrated by refinement to two representative ISAs capable of executing compiled C binary executables.

    The complete refinement process is demonstrated by the creation and testing of Virtual Machines automatically generated via novel translation tools. Prior art has relied on the provision of single-layered descriptions of specific ISAs to enable formal verification of implementations, placing a burden of correctness on these specifications.

    The development of the building envelope using Welsh-grown timber: a study through prototyping

    This work contributes by the provision of a common context for correct derivation of these previously independant descriptions. The work introduces novel levels of abstraction to allow re-use on any sequential computing machine, provides a framework for the comparison of different ISAs relative to a single datum, and enables analysis of design options during the creation and extension of ISAs.

    Europe is a contested construct and its boundaries are still subject to redefinition. This study examines issues of Europeanisation, national identity and nation branding through the lens of popular culture.

    Graduate School : UMass Amherst

    In particular the role that events such as the Eurovision Song Contest ESC play in illuminating the more salient issues of European identity politics has until recently been an area which has lacked scholarly attention. Although the volume of literature on the event is steadily increasing, there has to date, been no in-depth study conducted on a Former Soviet Republic.

    This study aims to fill this gap. This thesis comprises a case study of the role of the Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia and Ukraine. The empirical findings highlight the contested nature of the construction of national identities in the post-Soviet region and in particular, this study has drawn out some of the more salient aspects of identity politics. By exploring these issues through the prism of the Eurovision Song Contest, I argue that the event is significant in terms of nation branding and image building, particularly in the context of the return to Europe of post-communist countries.