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Sep 14, Kenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry , desert-island-books , queer-lit , women-poets. I don't think I've felt this way about a book since I first discovered Virginia Woolf. I was stunned by Carson's poetic novel. From an eanovel. Not only is Geryon without a father figure in the household, but also, it seems that Geryon does not see his father at all, as the brother does.

This would be difficult for any child to cope with. This creates a feeling of loss and loneliness that permeates the entire house. Geryon and his mother eat supper alone; while their mother works, Geryon and his brother are babysat. Autobiography Of Red is full of moments when Geryon completely experiences loneliness. Turning on all the lights makes them feel less alone. Fear is equated with darkness in this world. In this world even the empty fruit bowl is equated with loneliness. He is the opposite of most children. Together they take road trips together.

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As Geryon becomes more involved with Herakles, he inhabits the outside world. Our hero is no longer lonely.

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Subsequently, when Geryon and Herakles separate, we initially see Geryon slide backwards into his old self. He returns home to his mother.

Their home is now filled with tension. He now needs to know who he is. Years later Geryon comes across Herakles on a trip to Argentina. Herakles' new lover Ancash forms the third point of a love triangle. The novel ends, ambiguously, with Geryon, Ancash, and Herakles stopping outside a At last, Geryon is transformed. In the end, I have to agree with Alice Munro.

Autobiography of Reader

View all 9 comments. Apr 13, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: poetry , An arresting novel-in-verse about art, desire, and abuse, Autobiography of Red blurs the line between the mythic and the mundane. The work charts the brief life of a marginal figure from classical myth: Geryon, the red-winged monster slain by Hercules as part of his tenth labour. In plain verse, Carson invents a modern, tragic backstory for Geryon, framing him as an abused child who, as an adult, becomes a sensitive photographer and the much-wronged lover of Hercules.

Across dozens of fast-moving c An arresting novel-in-verse about art, desire, and abuse, Autobiography of Red blurs the line between the mythic and the mundane. Across dozens of fast-moving chapters, the author considers the redemptive powers of art and questions what it means for two men to love each other. View all 4 comments. Dec 15, Mariel rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: gaiety transfiguring all that dread.

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Recommended to Mariel by: Mir. What do they think about? Floating in there. All night. That's impossible. You can't be alive and think about nothing. You can't but you're not a whale. Why would it be different? Why should it be the same? But I look in their eyes and I see them thinking. It is yourself you see- it's guilt. Why would I be guilty about whales? Not my fault they're in a tank. So why are you guilty- whose tank are you in? Au What do they think about? Australian goodreader Sean account since nuked, sadly wrote a review of Garden, Ashes a wonderful book on Christmas.

He said it was his "Christmas miracle", saving the day. It may seem a bit weird to write that now because days after it have needed "saving". Some kind of weight on the empty place. It doesn't matter. It is enough to have it when I can have it. In the end he gets to fly, to swim. I just breathed.

Review: Autobiography of Red

If you have to know how to look at it then I can look at it refracted through them. Just don't stop doing that. We are amazing beings, Geryon is thinking. We are neighbors of fire. And now time is rushing towards them where they stand side by side with arms touching, immortality on their faces, night at their back. Geryon is a little boy and he goes to his mother. He stays by her side. They are up all night. They make dinner. They turn on every light in the house. Geryon saves the voices his mother makes when she reads to him.

He keeps them safe by allowing the babysitter to read in voices she cannot get wrong, because they are not his mother's voices. She comes home to him when he is awake. He must have forgotten to stay awake for her.

A definite thread spun: temporal tantalisation in Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red - Wild Court

Would it ever be warmer than this. Days turn into nights and secrets. He meets him. Herakles on his red wing tips carrying dust. Folding back arms for a hug. She still folds his t-shirts. Mother can hug him no more. I wanted him to stay in that kitchen with his mother but he couldn't. I wonder if she turns on lights without him, or just watches the empty fruit bowl.

Still life painting without the life subject. Geryon always cries when they make love. Herakles couldn't wait forever. He's so impatient I wonder if he's just waiting to get old. When he's old he'll be impatient to be young. Herakles hides on his grandmother's porch. I imagine he uses his grandmother as something of his own when he wants to shut out. He would use her as something of his own, like a secret, when he wants to invite in. This is where I live, my family, my end of the sofa. Geryon floats. Suspenders under his coat, wings kept in, he flies above the land to where the Nazis and Argentinians live.

He studies volcanoes.